This article describes a challenge with art education that is felt across the country. It shares some specific suggestions for bringing creativity into the classroom, and while I know many wonderful art teachers who do some of these things, it is always good to question what we do and strive to do better for the future of our students.

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Creativity is a profoundly important topic, not only in art, but in many other areas of the curriculum. You would think that creativity is to be found in abundance in an Art room and yet all too often nothing could be further from the truth.

It is very common to see ‘recipe’ art being taught. This is where every student in the class comes up with a variation on a single theme that the teacher has prescribed. For example: everyone makes an African mask, or a ceramic vase, or a cubist painting, or a flower picture. The same materials are used by everyone and the same skills incorporated. I see this type of art in every school I visit.

It is very sad to see and nowhere is it to be found more than in the secondary school. I’ve done it myself for many years until I realised how much…

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