Interactive Art with MaKey MaKey

Some of our art teachers are doing some exciting work integrating STEAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics). One fun approach is by developing interactive artworks using a product called MaKey MaKey.

At one elementary school, Kindergarten and 1st Grade students are designing their own instruments with this product. 2nd and 3rd Grade students are collaborating to create a table sized interactive city that plays recorded sound effects. Thanks Meredith for sharing your inspiring work!


At one of our middle schools, a brave student teacher worked with her cooperating teacher to have students create interactive sculptures with the same technology. Students constructed paper sculptures that represent ideas of personal boundaries and had to combine conductive and non-conductive materials to create hot spots that viewers will use to play associated sounds. Use this link, or click on the images below to see how excited students were just testing their connections with generic tones. Thanks to Cali and Kirsten for sharing this project!




High school students at one of our secondary schools used the MaKey MaKey in a different way. Students created animations in color sets so that the appropriate color animations would display when the same color “trigger” was used. When you touch blue, you see blue animations — red, red animations, and so on. You could also “mix” colors. Touching both blue and yellow, for example, would show you green animations. Pretty cool. Click on the photo below, or use this link to check out a video.  Thanks to Asha for sharing the work of her students!

Color Mixing Animations
Color Mixing Animations

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