Ninety-Two-Year-Old Art Criteria

Robby got it right! Ninety-two years ago, Maurice “Robby” Robinson created the Scholastic Awards to recognize young people for their creative pursuits. In all those years, the criteria for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have not changed. They are Originality, Technical Skill, and the Emergence of a Personal Vision or Voice. It is amazing to me that, in our ever-changing world, these three criteria have remained constant and relevant.

Scholastic Art Awards Reception, Fairfax Art Region
Scholastic Art Awards Reception, Fairfax Art Region

However, these long-standing criteria do not necessarily translate directly into the changing educational environment, and that is what I’m interested in looking at today. But some brief background first!

Robby Robinson’s words have inspired me and countless others through the Awards program so I have borrowed some of them along with a number of quotes (and this sketch of M. R. Robinson) from to share with you here. Go check out the website for more information about the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards were founded in 1923 by Scholastic’s founder, Maurice R. Robinson.


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