Arts Extravaganza

This week, West Potomac High School presented their annual Arts Extravaganza: An Evening of Fine and Performing Arts. The entire community was welcome to enjoy this fun, exciting, and free event. 

Of course, the art department had a wealth of student artwork on display in the gallery and display cases, but this evening was about so much more!



Every category of fine and performing arts at the school was represented including TV Production, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Orchestra, Band, Guitar, Chorus, and Dance. Here are some of the creative performances and activities presented.

TV Production and Theatre Arts presented a parody of the day time talk show “The View”, including live sketch performances, dynamic improvisation, and digital shorts.

Visual Arts presented a variety of activities to allow guests to explore drawing, printmaking, photography, graphics, painting and sculpture! Activities included button making, screen printing, and pottery wheel demonstrations in one room…



Guests could create their own light painting by moving colored lights in front of a camera in another. (The light paintings will be shared on the West Potomac Art website.)


Guests could experience digital artmaking with graphics software and equipment, or create unique jewelry pieces with Shrinky Dinks.


Even the youngest children enjoyed painting like Jackson Pollock.


The West Potomac Orchestra joined with local dance company, Alexandria Dance, to provide classical dance instruction to guests and present a choreographed performance.

The art department and guitar programs joined forces to present a Super Art Fight, a 30 minute, fast-paced drawing competition accompanied by high energy music.


There were mini guitar lessons. Guitar and choral students collaborated to present a live version of NAME THAT TUNE including performances, musical games and a good old fashioned sing along! (Forgive the poor photography.)


The Dance and Band departments joined up to present dynamic dances to sounds of Jazz.


What great examples of collaboration among the fine and performing arts! Crowds of students, families, and community members were enjoying the performances and hands-on activities, and I guarantee every person who visited West Potomac High School for this event left knowing that the arts were something special at this school!

I can only imagine the time and energy that went into this event, but the pay off is significant. Kudos to all of the arts teachers, administrators, and students who worked so hard to make this evening so much fun for everyone in your community!


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