The Dangerous Game of Subject Hierarchy

While similar situations occur in different countries and states around the world, I am encouraged to see leaders in education (in my own district and elsewhere) acknowledge the value of the arts. All of us in education need to continue to work toward finding ways to ensure our students are prepared, first, to be humans, and that must includes the arts.

Love Learning....

It’s a few months since Nicky Morgan gave a speech in which she told the audience that children who chose Arts or Humanities subjects were making choices that would ‘hold them back for the rest of their lives’. She then argued in a separate speech for the case that universities should be judged on the amount of tax that their graduates pay in the future. Let me just hold back the spewing vitriol that I feel for the hypocrisy of that statement given the number of rich people paying little or no tax at all….There, swallowed.

It all forms part of an ongoing narrative that we have seen from Michael Gove, Liz Truss, Nick Gibb and Nicky Morgan over the past five or so years which began with the devaluing of Arts subjects as the EBacc was promoted. As a direct result of that accountability measure we saw a 14%…

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