The Teaching Profession

Since I’m not getting around to writing anything myself this week, I thought I would share some wise words from one of my former students on the teaching profession… And share an artwork by an art teacher while I’m at it, cause that’s how I do!

Can You Hear Me by Katie Kendall, art teacher
Can You Hear Me by Katie Kendall, art teacher

Ben was a student of mine in high school more years ago than I care to admit.

Ben, I have never claimed to be a perfect teacher but I hope I wasn’t guilty, to often, of being less than I knew how. I believe in these words… your words… and I’m proud to have you in the teaching profession.

[emphasis mine]

“We teachers (at every level) are given an extraordinary opportunity: We not only have the chance to impart knowledge, but to help students to shape who they are, to come into their own and become thoughtful, inquisitive, capable members of society. In this way, we not only shape individual minds and personalities, but in a way, society as a whole.

Teachers build societies.

(Groups like Boko Haram and ISIS know this and they fight to control the narrative, to stop individual and societal progress.)

Those teachers who violate or abuse this chance not only endanger individual growth, but set our society’s growth back as well.
Bad students ruin themselves (sometimes, a good teacher can change this); a bad teacher ruins an entire subject for an entire classroom’s worth of selves.

Sometimes multiple times per day.

As long as teachers are viewed as babysitters, society will be full of babies.

Teaching should not be a “fall back” profession.

If you do not like teaching, if you do not like and respect the field, the students, and doing the actual job, then please get out of the classroom and stay out.

You can have thirty great meals at a certain restaurant, but one bout of food poisoning and you’ll never go back; you may even never try that kind of food ever again. The same deal goes for mental food.

Nourish and build. That is our job.

We are stewards of society, and stewards of the future.
Teach well, or do not teach at all.”


One thought on “The Teaching Profession”

  1. People, no matter what profession, should have passion for what they do so they could be a good job. I think teachers are very special people because anyone could name at least ONE teacher who have some sort of impact to his/her life, good or bad. I can name a few.

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