Why teach art?

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At the time of writing this, there’s a bit of a crisis in the UK at the moment regarding art education and it’s reflected in many leading nations around the world too. You see art has come to be seen as something of a distraction to the serious business of education. Young people need to learn proper subjects; Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths not namby-pamby colouring-in lessons. And so art has had a good kicking from the current Conservative government that will take years to recover from, whoever wins the forthcoming election. Asian countries are far behind us in the creative subjects and are desperately trying to catch up, at last seeing its value to their expanding economies. The USA doesn’t have a mandatory art curriculum as such, many European countries don’t have compulsory art curriculums either and now we too are pushing it further and further down the pecking order.
The image of art…

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