Nuggets from NOLA #2

IMG_0291Art teachers like to wear their creativity. At Art Ed conferences over the years I have witnessed a wide range of “creative self expression” in the outfits art educators wear. These unique clothing choices are not always a good thing, however.

Whether it’s true or not, many art educators believe our profession suffers from a bit of an image problem. We need to consider that when we decide how to present ourselves to the world. I personally don’t think wearing the pants you wipe your brush on in the studio says, “respect me as a professional.”

Perhaps we should apply a bit of the advice we would apply to art making when making decisions about what to wear. Carefully consider the message you intend to communicate and the meaning viewers will apply to the image you present. And don’t forget to apply craftsmanship  to your presentation as this young lady certainly did in her homage to Roy Lichtenstein.


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