Nuggets from NOLA #3


I always enjoy hearing what Olivia Gude has to say. Here are a few no-doubt-poorly-captured quotes from her 12 o’clock session, “Not Standardization: Curriculum and Core Values in Next Generation Standards.” Olivia, I apologize for any misquotes but hope I captured your intent.

UBD (backward design) often does not work for art because we want to be surprised by the outcome. 

I think a lot of art teachers can embrace this perspective that flies in the face of standards based education.

On designing instruction she said,

Start with the ideas/concepts that will be explored and then identify the art practices that will support this investigation.

This as opposed to the other way around – identifying art content and then force fitting a conceptual idea onto the lesson.

And on the importance of the teacher’s interpretation and application of the standards:

Standards are dead without the dynamism of what teachers do in this space [defined by the standards].


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