Nuggets from NOLA #4


Someone made a little trouble! 

In his presentation Troublemaking or Making Trouble: The Politics of Creative Resistance, Tyler Denmead addressed a racial/economic disparity that should be incredibly important to art educators — privileged young people are more likely to be supported in their acts of resistance (troublemaking), while their less privileged peers are subject to an inequitable level of disciplinary control meant to promote compliance. 

What’s that got to do with Art Education?! 

Wherever this disparity exists, we are teaching the creativity out of marginalized populations while promoting it in privileged populations. In effect, we are increasing achievement gaps!

I can’t help but think about a couple of my colleagues (Susan and Donna) who are always together here at the conference, but teach at schools with very different populations. I would love to hear the thoughts of these, and other educators, on how we can provide equitable opportunities for creative troublemaking in our classrooms. 


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