Nuggets from NOLA #5

Apparently, art teachers are attracted to sparkly things… And the vendors know it!   


One vendor even went so far as to display these spinning shiny objects that, as far as I can tell, had nothing to do with the products and services they were promoting.  


A friend of mine suggested that all the sparkle might be related to being here in New Orleans, but this isn’t just about thematic display. In fact many of the hands-on activities were opportunities to play with the latest sparkly product. 


Blick passed out samples of their metallic poster paint sticks.  


Art education doesn’t need shinier products. We need less glitter, not more. 


5 thoughts on “Nuggets from NOLA #5”

  1. It’s more about hooking the art teacher to talk about all of their products. I think Vendors have a tough job trying to vie attention from creative brains that are already overloaded and excited.

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