Nuggets from NOLA #6


My district has been trying to figure out how to address STEAM and other integrated instruction models so I have attended a few sessions on this topic. Many ideas are brewing, but since this is supposed to be a nugget, let me share just one for now. 

I see a tension between all STEAM disciplines when it comes to deciding what STEAM instruction looks like. This is especially true between art and the STEM disciplines. A slide shown by Aaron Knochel and Ryan Patton yesterday helped me see a clear reason why. It said, in reference to STEAM delivered by art teachers:

Hard-Art, Soft-Science

That’s what did it for me!

If the science turns soft when art gets their hands on a STEAM project, no wonder the science folks aren’t impressed. They are not out for soft science! If we want to be involved in STEAM instruction, the standards and learning outcomes for any discipline in a given project need to be hard and clear. 


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