Nuggets from NOLA #11

IMG_0291While in New Orleans, I’ve done a lot of thinking about the intersections of art, design, and STEAM instruction. As I see it there are a two distinct dynamics in play:

  • We are exploring design in art instruction (the theme of the conference), and
  • We are trying to figure out what quality STEAM instruction looks like.

What I don’t hear is a clear message that these two go together. A strong design unit can easily integrate several STEAM disciines. Take a simple example: Design a Lamp.

Think how easy it would be to incorporate all of the STEAM disciplines in this.

  • Make the design aesthetic.
  • Diagram the design
  • Build a model
  • Consider the effects of light color and quality
  • Present the design digitally
  • Build and wire a prototype
  • You could even research materials, sourcing, and production cost

I think if we look, we may find that many of the best design lessons are excellent examples of STEAM instruction. Maybe we need to share this with the leaders in our schools.


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