What to Look for at the Art Show

It was a pleasure to visit a K-12 pyramid art show reception this weekend. It was a beautiful exhibition with artwork by elementary, middle, and high school students from the community.

Most any school with an art department will have an exhibition at one point or another, and these events are a big deal for the art departments, students, families, and teachers.

Students look for their work on display and perhaps for a chance to talk with their art teacher. They look for their friends, and for artworks that excite them.

Families look for the pride on their child’s face. They look for evidence of the things their child is learning and at what their child could do in future art classes.

Do you know what the art teachers are looking for? (Come on! You knew I had to be going somewhere with this!)

Art teachers are looking to see who cares — they are looking for their principal! (Did you know this?!) I hear it over and over again. If you are a school administrator and you didn’t know, here’s what it comes down to. An art teacher can think the world of their principal because they attend the art show… and they can feel like they are not supported when they don’t. I know principals are insanely busy people, but if you can stop by the art show when your school is involved, it means a lot!

Kudos to all of the art teachers in the South County Pyramid. It was a very nice event!


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