Last week I sat in an interesting session with Christopher Gareis from William & Mary School of Education. He shared a few great nuggets that I would like to pass along.

Gareis said a few notable things about ILOs or Intended Learning Outcomes that bare consideration for art educators. The first is this, related to the nature of curriculum:

Teaching is a human activity and as long as it remains so (I hope forever) teaching will vary. We should not expect teaching to look the same in every classroom, but what must be consistent is our understanding of the Curriculum… the intended learning outcomes.

Art teachers enjoy a certain freedom by nature of our content, and perhaps because few or our administrators have a strong understanding of our curriculum, but we mustn’t take advantage of that freedom to the degree that we do not identify ILOs and work toward achieving them. I know some of my highly respected colleagues will argue that art is unpredictable, and therefore learning in art is unpredictable… AND THAT’S TRUE! But just because the outcomes are unpredictable does not mean we should go into a lesson without identifying that which we hope our students will learn.

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