Assignments That Change Lives

Do your art assignments change lives? They can.

I was a little slow to share this NPR article about writing assignments, but I’d like to invite you, my art-education friends to read it replacing the idea of writing with artmaking. It’s no coincidence or surprise that these two can replace one another. They are both creative acts that communicate meaning.


With the ideas in the article in mind, think about your art assignments. Do your assignments resemble the ideas of self-authoring? Not every lesson needs to be directly tied to exploring one’s own life, but every lesson offers the opportunity to promote deep thinking about ideas that really matter.  I bet we can all think of an art assignment we have given that passed on that opportunity.


One thought on “Assignments That Change Lives”

  1. As an art teacher, I don’t often assign homework, with the exception if a student desperately needs to make up his/her project for a good grade. I do, however, think it’s a rather good idea to send home writing, thinking/brainstorm and sketching homework so it allows students more time to think through their assignment and marinade what they learned and come up with more creative solutions to their assignment. So… Art homework? I’m all for it!

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