Art and Education are Hard

Once again I am slow to share this article that I came across a while ago. I must be distracted by something… too busy doing the hard work of art and education, perhaps. And that’s what this article is all about.

This article from Legal Cheek focuses on how hard Art students work relative to Law students in their undergraduate programs, but from an art educator’s perspective, there’s more to see. Check out this chart!

The only groups from this study who work harder than education students are architecture students and those in medical fields. I think we need to rethink our stereotypes about education programs.

Check out the short article here: Arts Students Work Harder than Law Students Stats Reveal

One thought on “Art and Education are Hard”

  1. An eye-opener, indeed. It clearly shows more students are currently taking Creative Arts and Design in university by being at the Top 6. Therefore, younger students need more support and preparation for Art in Secondary and Primary Schools. But…

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