Back-to-School Night

I had a SUPER proud moment today, but you are gonna have to wait just a second before we get to that.

Red Rocks by Lauren Preti, art teacher
Red Rocks by Lauren Preti, art teacher

It’s that time of year! If you haven’t been to Back-to-School Night yet, it’s probably just around the corner. I have two children, in grades 8 and 11, and I have gone to the BTSN at both the middle school and high school.

I have to say, as an educator, these events can be painful. Sure, some of the teachers seem great, and a few of them even seem to understand curriculum, instruction, and assessment. But as an education professional, I always have to endure presentations by at least a couple of teachers who just don’t get it. I have to hold back from suggesting how they could have done better, or quoting research that shows how that thing — you know, that thing they just explained to parents as the-way-they-do-things — how THAT is a terrible practice.

But let me not get to sidetracked. I wanted to tell you about my PROUD moment!

As I was working at my desk today, a director in instructional services came to talk with my boss. This high-level instructional leader started telling about her experience at Back-to-School night, and she said…

“Art was the highlight of my night!”

Now, that’s nice, but it’s just the beginning…

She went on to explain that the lesson and unit plans she heard about in art were so exciting and engaging, and that the art teacher described how the students would be developing critical thinking skills, engaging with social and contemporary issues, and developing their capacity for effective communication and creative problem solving.

Then she said something along the lines of…

“I couldn’t help but feel like every student should have to take this class!”

It does my heart good to hear words like these from a trusted and respected instructional leader. Knowing how hard it can be as an educator listening to the teachers of your own child, makes it that much the sweeter. I couldn’t be more proud of the teacher and all of the other art teachers in the county who made other parents feel the same way.

What’s that??? Oh… You local folks want to know which teacher I’m talking about?

Leah Dubray, you made an impression. And if it means anything to you, you made me very proud!


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