Giant Eraser

If this were just for art teachers, I wouldn’t need words. But this blog isn’t just for art teachers.


I attempt, at least occasionally here, to explain to others what it means for art… what it means for art educators, and art instruction. So let me explain “Giant Eraser” to those of you who didn’t light up with a big ol’ “Aha!” when you saw that giant eraser.

You see, art teachers occasionally provide art materials and supplies for student use. When we provide erasers to our students, they mysteriously begin a process of dissolving into the eternal void, many to be gone forever in less than a class period. It’s not that the students use them so heavily that they have turned to eraser crumbs on the floor. That’s not it at all. They just disappear.

I remember feeling a distinct sadness when I would open a fresh box of erasers. I would look at them, all lined up and stacked neatly, and just sigh knowing that half of them would be gone forever by the end of the day.

So when I saw giant erasers in an elementary art classroom recently, it was with instant understanding. “I bet those don’t walk away,” I said to the teacher, and that was exactly it!

Now, for you art teachers, I know what you are wondering…

Where did she get them?

Apparently it was a dollar store…

One thought on “Giant Eraser”

  1. In my experience, it’s not just erasers. I’ve caught students smuggling pencils, crayons, markers… Even my large tapestry needles! Most of the students would ask me if the could “borrow” them but I know I will not be getting them back so I always answer their request carefully… Fortunately, schools in FCPS can afford to purchase more supplies as they “run short,” I still couldn’t help it but wonder: Where did my packs of twenty-dolor weaving needles go???

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