NAEA: Olivia Gude on Color

Anyone who has had the pleasure of listening to Olivia Gude knows that it often involves a nearly continuous flow of great quotes — sometimes her own and sometimes attributed to others. It’s hard to keep up with, but I want to share a few of the big ideas from Chromatopia. (Let’s not pretend these are quotes, they would surely be misquotes.)

  • SET COLOR FREE! Stop making students paint color wheels. Art involves “surrendering to unanticipated possibilities.” Painting color wheels does not relate to this!
  • Teach SOPHISTICATED ways of using color. Making paintings in monochrome and analogous color schemes is not sophisticated. In fact, it rarely even works well!
  • Spend less time painting (color wheels and color scheme paintings) and more time actually learning about color by RESEARCHING COLOR through exploration and experimentation. 

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