Imagic Store

What in the world is an imagic store? Must be a typo, right?

I heard this term a couple of decades ago, when I was in college. My art education professors, Gil Clark and Enid Zimmerman, used this term to refer to the collection of art images in your head that you can draw on as an artist and art instructor.

The concept is applicable to a much broader audience than artists and art teachers, however. When you look at the brilliant little panel above by Dave Coverly do you have a clear image of the Magritte original, The Son of Man? If so, you have your imagic store to thank.

Each of us has an imagic store. It is this collection of known images that heps us recognize references to popular culture. Internet memes, advertisers, and artists of all kinds take advantage of this way of knowing and thinking. It’s a matter of visual literacy — understanding the visual world around us — and an important function of art education.




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