I admit, I had never seen Inside Out, or for that matter noticed the trailers, but not long ago, this awesome little clip was shared with me through an unusual channel.

I’ve mentioned that I interview a lot of art teachers.

In a recent interview, the candidate must have felt unsatisfied with her answer when I asked how she would teach abstraction. I didn’t notice her discomfort at the time, but when she wrote me a quick email to follow up with our meeting (a nice professional practice), she made a point to share this as an amendment to her answer. She explained that she continued thinking about the question and thinks this would be a great way to engage the students in the topic.

To an interviewer, this says a lot! Sure, we are all looking for art content knowledge, but there are so many qualities that are really hard to be sure about in an interview setting. Among them…

  • Is this person a reflective educator who will always strive to improve instruction? And…
  • Will she be able to connect with her students and find ways to excite and engage them in the content?

In this case, Yes and Yes!

Enjoy the video!


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