Our V.A.S.E. Is Broken — Art Insubordinate

Fellow art education blogger, Justin Clumpner, has been fighting the good fight… attempting to bring change to cultural juggernaut within Texas art education: the Visual Art Scholastic Event.

The self-perpetuating nature of this event, and its impact on art classrooms, is exactly why I get different judges each year for our own, local scholastic event: The Scholastic Art Awards. Each year, I have art teachers comment to me that they are never sure what the judges are looking for. They mean it as a sort of complaint, but when I hear it I try my best not to let my internal celebration show on my face.

Good! You’re not supposed to know what they are looking for. You are supposed to teach your students and help them make great art! Then you encourage them to put it out there to be evaluated by professionals and hope for the best. We do not create a certain type of artwork because that is more likely to win a Scholastic Award.

Check out Justin’s post. It’s a good read.

I have sent another letter to the organizers of V.A.S.E. as I have seen no changes from last year’s event to now. If you haven’t read the letter I sent last year, you can find it here. I did not get much of a response then, and I’m not sure I will get one now, […]

via Our V.A.S.E. Is Broken — Art Insubordinate

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