Ready to Quit Teaching? Try Job Crafting First — AFFECTIVE LIVING

This is a worthwhile read, and a worthwhile topic to consider. I’d like to add an idea to Method 1: Task Crafting that I think art teachers in particular, as well as some others, would be able to take advantage of. Most art teachers enjoy more freedoms and flexibility in their work compared to teachers who teach subjects measured by high stakes standardized tests. With this freedom, most of us can make a significant to change to what and how we teach without changing subject, levels, or schools. Get creative and design a bold new approach to your instruction! There’s no better way to reengage!

At the end of this year, I had a major thought: I need alcohol. Then, I had a more productive thought: I need a change. You’ve had those years, right? When the challenges of teaching stalk you like dementors, sucking the life out of your soul? But as much as I’ve thought about waving goodbye […]

via Ready to Quit Teaching? Try Job Crafting First — AFFECTIVE LIVING


One thought on “Ready to Quit Teaching? Try Job Crafting First — AFFECTIVE LIVING”

  1. After reading this article and reflecting back on this past year I was actually proud of myself. I have been teaching elementary art for 23 years and I must say that I can definitely relate to most if not all the negative thoughts about my job. So, what did I do this year? Signed on to be the school’s patrol sponsor for 72 patrols! “What?! Are you nuts”?! Yup, I think I am. “Your job is crazy already”!! Well, I was feeling extremely lonely at work. I have no team. And, let’s face it, classroom teachers clocks are ticking as soon as they show up at your door so, they’re not interested in a chat. I actually enjoyed being a patrol sponsor. It’s a whole different way of thinking, planning and problem solving. Seeing my upper grade students in a different light. It actually helped build better relationships in my classroom. And, I even got to interact with the adults in the building!

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