Art Room Safety #1

Some classroom safety issues came to light this past year in our school system, which led me to review the safety guidelines and practices we have in place for art teachers.

My conclusion:

  1. There are many excellent resources and guideline that address most art room safety concerns (with only a few gaps which I will work on).
  2. The awareness and training about these guidelines is lacking.
  3. Whether teachers are following these guidelines is a complete unknown (though I have my suspicions).

I suspect we are not always following them to the letter, so I thought I would share some safety tidbits in a series of brief posts. So, here’s a nugget:

Did you know there are paint colors not approved for use in our schools? You might know not to use Flake White because of the lead content, but did you know Phthalocyanine blues and greens are not approved? They are often contaminated with PCBs, a known carcinogen. Chrome Green and Chromium Oxide Green may cause allergic reactions and respiratory irritation, or worse, and are also not approved for use in our schools.

Check your supply closet! And watch here for some other safety tips coming soon.

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