Art Teacher Collaboration

Recent data reinforces that many of our art teachers highly value the time they have to meet with their art collaborative teams, but I fear these CTs are behind the curve relative to other teams across our division.

Ancestry by Tracy Dumais, art teacher
Ancestry by Tracy Dumais, art teacher

Art collaborative teams (CTs), or Collaborative Learning Teams (CLTs), are a little different from the CTs most teachers participate in. They are multi school teams, and only have opportunity to meet a few times a year. Some meet additional times, but this ends up being outside of contract time. The multi-school team approach meets a need for singleton art teachers, but it is not the same as a school team that can meet on a regular basis to plan and refine instruction to improve student learning. Most art teachers are assigned a school-based team as well, but the work of co-designing instruction and assessment just isn’t possible when the others on your team do not teach the same content.

Art CTs may not have as many chances to meet, but I look forward to learning about the work they are able to do this year… And I can’t wait to meet with our CT Leaders later this month!


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