Rug Time

There are so many quick and fun activities to do at the rug, and an effective teacher uses each one to teach, review, reflect, or assess. 

This week a student teacher used a fantastic approach that I don’t see very often. Simple, laminated picture cards were held up while she asked content questions. This third grade class was weaving so the questions were things like, “What do we call the cardboard surface that supports our weaving?” (With a picture of a cardboard loom) or “What type of knot is pictured?”

The teacher could get a quick impression of how many students thought they knew the right answer (by the number of raised hands) and more direct assessment information from the frequency of right and wrong answers. She also used the opportunity to reinforce knowledge and clear up any misconceptions. It was assessment, review, and remediation, all in one. It took three minutes to review 8-10 questions, and best of all, good cards can be organized and used year after year. 

Good stuff, Shannon and Aimee! I enjoyed the visit. 


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