Dealing with Change

Gino Molfino and Jaye Ayres, friends and colleagues from neighboring Maryland, addressed a real and ongoing problem in education: How do teachers deal with the continuous stream of changes and initiatives in schools?

The answer, in short, is to identify and focus on what is most important about teaching. What are the most important learning outcomes? In their division, Howard County Schools, teachers are able to do this by focusing on a set of five long-term transfer goals for all students. 

  • Inquiry / Innovation
  • Application / Process
  • Collaboration
  • Perseverance
  • Communication

I hope it is clear that these goals are not about art. They are what all of us want for our students. FCPS has a solar list we call a Portrait of a Graduate. We want each of our graduates to be a:

  • Communicator
  • Collaborator
  • Creative & Critical Thinker
  • Ethical & Global Citizen
  • Goal-Directed & Resilient Individual

Quality art instruction that challenges students to wrestle with challenging concepts and use the creative process to generate a unique solution goes a long way to meet each of these expectations. Balance personal meaning and technique in your instruction, and perhaps you can find your own balance in dealing with other changes that come your way. 

Make efforts to focus on the goals in your division. Don’t have any? Make some. Persevere!  And as Jaye would say, fail up!

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