What do you do with an idea?

I can tell you what I usually do with an idea… I lose it. This one, thankfully, was only lost for a little while.


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False Perceptions

I was talking, recently, with some colleagues about anticipated changes in our department. We were getting a new director and were sharing some of our hopes for the new arrangement. The people in the conversation were all what you might call — in education — “non-core,” so it surprised me that the comment that really struck me came from a friend in Instructional Technology.

Turn by Angela Naglieri, art teacher
Turn by Angela Naglieri, art teacher

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Why Teach with Big Ideas?

So what have we covered so far?

There’s this great concept called a big idea, but the words “big idea” can be interpreted in different ways. At least one of those ways lends itself so well to art instruction that one of the ten largest school systems in the country uses big ideas as a conceptual foundation for their art courses, from kindergarten through grade twelve. These themes are the basis for making meaning in art and are built into every artmaking challenge.

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Bridging the gap between Art and Education