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Show me the Mona Lisa

I have always enjoyed seeing the variety of classroom strategies used in art classrooms. I am having just as much fun sharing them!

I love this simple, “artsy” way of making expectations clear. 

Not making expectations clear and explicit is a common mistake among those struggling with classroom management. It’s not enough to say “behave.” We have to explain to our students exactly what we want them to do! In this case, we can show them!

Thanks to Marissa and Linda for sharing this idea from their classroom. 


A Simple Reward System

Here’s another quick strategy I saw used with great effect recently… Do you know what that glowing purple object is on the table?

It’s a Bluetooth speaker!

The teacher has a playlist on her own phone and places the speaker, at a low volume, on tables that are showing that everyone is on task. The students really enjoyed having the reward of listening to music while they worked, even if the speaker had to move to another table after a few minutes. 

Thanks again to Bethany for sharing this idea!


A great classroom management strategy shared by way of guest author, Jean-Marie. Thanks for passing this on! When visiting Miss Kromel, one of our outstanding new art teachers, Jean-Marie observed:

One table group was chosen to monitor the “Loud-O-Meter.” (Students at that table can move the Loud-O-Meter magnet up the scale as they see fit.)

loudometerWhen other kids see the noise level go up, they quiet down.  It is tied to earning the privilege of listening to music during art. It’s low tech and teaches the kids to manage their own behavior. Believe it or not it works!

Thanks Jean-Marie, and thanks Miss Kromel for sharing your great ideas with us!