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Art & Technology

Congratulations to the many students, and their teachers, recognized at the Technology+Art=NOW reception yesterday evening. The artwork is stellar, and you should be incredibly proud!

I also want to thank — and congratulate — Arts Herndon, the organization that organizes this program. I want to thank them for recognizing our artists for excellence and for providing monetary scholarship awards to encourage these students in their endeavors. That may all make sense but it may seem less clear why I would want to congratulate them as well. 

I want to congratulate them for their vision.   Arts Herndon recognizes that significant advances in creativity and innovation are happening at the place where art and technology intersect. The Technology+Art=NOW program is a clear demonstration of this belief, but the really impressive part is that they have been doing this for ten years! Kudos, my friends, Kudos!

Fore more information about the program, go to the ARTSPACE Herndon website, or read the FCPS news release


NASA says ART!

NASA director Charles Bolden was at a local high school today giving a talk to the astronomy classes. One of the art teachers, Kenny, jumped on the opportunity to take his advanced photography and computer graphics students to listen. Kenny shared his opening thoughts:

“He began his talk, addressing the importance of art on advancements in science and how all that NASA does would not be possible without the creativity of artists.”

NASA's Charles Bolden speaking at a local high school
NASA’s Charles Bolden speaking at a local high school

Thanks for sharing, Kenny!


Art Unit Enhanced by Technology

K-12 students are excited by technology — engrossed in it — connected to it in ways many of us, who are not digital natives, cannot begin to understand.  A variety of technologies have amazing potential to enhance art instruction and student learning by taking advantage of this natural connection. I’d like to share one such exciting example — an architecture lesson I saw recently.

Student architecture project
Student architecture project

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The Darkroom is a STEAM Lab

I am proud to work in a district where we have thriving photography programs that includes darkroom photography. With today’s broad use and easy availability of digital photography, many secondary and post-secondary programs are allowing the darkroom to go the way of the dodo, but this is misguided in a time when schools are also putting significant resources toward developing STEM or STEAM labs.

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