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Staff Development Day

I am so inspired by the FCPS art teachers who shared their expertise with one another for our staff development day. Sessions included media process demos…

…collaborative work sessions…

…presentations by practicing artist colleagues…

…technology and blended learning training…

…and many other valuable sessions including meeting the needs of students with special needs and working with English Languge Learners. 

Special thanks to our special guests including Stephanie from Greater Reston Arts Center, ESOL specialists Caitlyn and Jennifer, and preserving teachers Carmen, Rachel, Lisa and Christina who shared in the teaching and learning!

It was a fantastic day of learning. I wish we could do it more often. 


Art Teacher Leaders

The world of education needs more art teachers who are instructional leaders. I had two brief opportunities recently to stand on this soap box, most exciting of which when a good sized group of art teacher colleagues chose to come to an evening leadership training session.

Nevermind... I've Got It by Emily Muha, art teacher
Nevermind… I’ve Got It by Emily Muha, art teacher

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